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Ashby Men's Group resource list 

Here are the books we have to share and a cvm video

If you would like to add to the list or borrow a book please email me


Title Topic Synopsis Onwer
God's Undertaker     Tim Phillips
God's Smuggler Biography   Phill Taber
The Devil has no Mother Biography   Phill Taber
The Cross and the Switchblade Biography   Phill Taber
Chasing the Dragon Biography   Phill Taber
Who is this Man Jesus   Phill Taber
Walking the walk Bible study   Phill Taber
Men of God     Phill Taber
Founding Fathers CVM   Phill Taber
Sixty minute father Fatherhood   Phill Taber
Can you hear me Prayer   Phill Taber
Jesus Christ Historical   Phill Taber
The Vicar of Baghdad Biography   Phill Taber
The Screwtape diaries Novel   Phill Taber
The Flood Novel   Phill Taber
Stumbling Blocks     Phill Taber
Power Evangelism Evangelism   Phill Taber
You He made alive   A total Christian view of prayer; communal, individual and with special reference to the work of the Holy Spirit in prayer groups. Paul Harris
No Strange God   An outline of Jewish life and faith Paul Harris
The Mind of St Paul   An exposition of Pauline thought at once popular and deeply theological Paul Harris
Kilvert’s Diary   The diaries of Revd. Francis KIlvert from 1873 for 9 years while he documented life in Wiltshire and the Welsh borders Paul Harris
The Confessions of St Augustine in Modern English   One of the most honest and revealing autobiographies ever written from one of the Christian greats Paul Harris
Ring of Truth   A translator’s testimony Paul Harris
Making it work   Published by Scripture Union. The author is a well known Baptist minister and popular speaker at Spring Harvest and other major events. Basic, easy to understand, wide ranging Christianity. Can also be used for small group study Paul Harris
Holy Spirit   The charismatic and learned one time Archbishop of Canterbury who has a rare gift of communicating theology in a way that is easily understood writes beautifully about the Holy Spirit Paul Harris
The Pilgrim’s Progress   The original 1677 version cleverly brought into a more understandable english but retaining all the author’s style Paul Harris
Rescuing Darwin   This book lays out the clear case for understanding that there really is no conflict between ‘evolution’ and the Bible and that Darwinian evolution and the religious understanding of the universe are in fact wholly compatible. Published by Theos and the Faraday Institute Paul Harris
Tim Phillips, 10/09/2015