Looking back and Looking forward


As we look back, thankful for those who gave their lives in conflicts past and present, we also look forward.

How should we remember as we move into the second century following the end of the first global war?

We have we learnt, and what do we need to hold onto?

In a computer-game-age, where ‘killing’ and ‘being killed’ is a daily aspect of many young peoples lives, we need to remember the terrible costs of war. Around the world we can see (when it comes to us as ‘new’ news) the horrors that war brings. Conflicts rumble on, lives are torn apart and the darkness seems to have no end.

Jesus himself warned us: we will hear of wars and rumours of wars. He also taught us what to do. The teaching of Jesus has stood the test of time. It is as true today as it was when he first gave ‘The Word’ to the world. This message gives us a hope that this ‘sure and certain’. A hope which has upheld Christian’s down the centuries, in the face of illness, loss, grieve and yes, warfare. This is not a hope about vengeance on our enemies. Instead it is the hope of life and and eternity to come with Jesus.

Even more important than remembering the sacrifice of those who died for our freedom, it is of even greater importance than remembering the terrifying cost of war is that we remember Him. Christ, our Lord. Jesus the Saviour. The author and perfecter of our faith. The one who offers us The Hope that has been tested in the fires of the darkest times and proved of greater worth than gold.

As we remember in this 100th anniversary year, let us turn again to the example, life and transforming power of Christ, so that we and our children, our grandchildren and great grandchildren may see his kingdom come and his will being done.

with love in Christ, Tim Phillips

Team Vicar in the Flagstaff Family of Churches