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Worried about your Christmas Shopping? Come and meet the Calmer Llama and its friend the No Problama Llama! They have some very lovely cousins the festive fairies – including the Mistletoe and Holly fairies. Don’t forget they are not only very pretty - they are doing a lot of good in their community: 

The women, in south India, who work in this fair trade business get to decide how the ‘fairtrade premium’ (part of the profits to be spent in their community) is used. The latest community action they are paying for is extra teachers so the school (the first project they paid for with their ‘fairtrade premium’) can be open in the evening. They had become aware that nearby (but not connected to their business) there were indentured (slave) children owned by local farmers. By opening the school in the evening the indentured children can get an education – after they have finished their day’s work for their owners (please ask at fair2all if you any questions about this).

On 1st December as part of Ashby’s Christmas Event -10.30 am – 5.00pm the fair2all elves will be ready to offer you a free small gift with every purchase and take your answers for the fair2all festive quiz. Market Street will be closed so come and enjoy the entertainment and Food Gusto Fair. On Sunday 2nd it is the Santa Fun Run and the Food Gusto Fair continues

Trying to get staff so the shop can open on Monday has not been as easy as I had hoped – I will update fair2all’s facebook page or Google my business should I succeed. I am also offering customers the opportunity to shop up till 6pm on Tuesdays – Fridays till Christmas.  After 3.00 pm I may have to move the car or go to the Post Office so the door may be locked for 15-20 minutes, but I will always put the time I expect to be back. If you want to be certain I am still there ring 01530 417286 to check.

Some things may be changing (follow us on facebook to find out more) but fair2all will continue to stock Tearfund Christmas Cards (with a bible verse) together with a selection from the Traidcraft range of Christmas Cards and a selection from Just Cards that include cards by Erin Hunt!

This year I have more Fairtrade Crackers – they are a simple design and are the ideal choice for an ethical Christmas. Each Christmas cracker contains a quiz question, a joke, a colourful crown, and a little bag of fair trade chocolate buttons. The ‘snap' is even eco-friendly, and made by an ingenious card mechanism!

Hope to welcome you to fair2all, 17 Bath Street soon. 01530 417286

Open 10.30 – 6.00 Tuesday – Friday and 9.30 – 5.30 Saturday till Christmas. I plan to be away for 2 weeks in mid-January so fair2all will be closed. For dates see fair2all’s facebook and Google my business page.

Mandy McIntosh