Looking Forward to 2019

As I look forward to 2019 I am hoping to build on some of the plans that have been laid in 2018. The first project I hope to complete and then launch is my website, closely followed by the upgrading of the exterior of the shop. Alongside this I plan to increase my familiarity with social media and to use it to promote and grow fair2all.

When I started work on my website – I am providing the photographs of and information about the products – I never realised how much time it would take. Much of the photography was done in the warm evenings of the summer, accompanied by the sounds of England Football supporters!

If I am to complete the above I need to devote at least a day a week to them. I will therefore be reducing the number of days per week fair2all will be open in January. So my current plan is for the shop only to be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday through out January.

On the topic of reducing, did you know that currently 100 billion single use drinking cups go into landfill every year? I therefore have decided to offer Ecoffee cups for sale at fair2all so that we can all contribute to reducing this staggering figure.

Ecoffee cups can be used to hold any hot drink. They are made of bamboo, are reusable and can be washed in a dishwasher. There is a lot more information on the box but the first delivery sold so quickly I didn’t get a chance to read it all!

They make a lovely gift and as most major coffee retailers give a discount if you use your own refillable cup, to quote a well-known advert, ‘they are the gift that goes on giving’.

Thank you for your continued support throughout 2018 – I hope you are enjoying your Colouring Calendar; fair2all is offering customers who spend £25 or more and leave their email a free Colouring Calendar. You can then bring each month’s coloured in picture in and I will take a photo of it and post the photo on Instagram – all part of my Social Media training! I am looking forward to welcoming you to fair2all in 2019.

Mandy McIntosh fair2all, 17 Bath Street, 01530 417286