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Premier Christian Radio has recently been focusing on the work of CAP (Christians Against Poverty). I hope the following helps you to understand the lives they are changing.

Chris was like any parent – he wanted the best for his kids. But when his wife walked out, he could no longer afford childcare and had to give up his job and his only source of income.

‘We lived on benefits and food banks. We were living in this shell of a house, with no heating, no carpet, no wallpaper, no fridge, nothing. We used to sleep on bin bags stuffed with clothes, using coats as a blanket.’

As the debts grew, life became more and more difficult.

‘Life was horrible. We used to hide in the kitchen to avoid people. One time, we forgot and some people from the debt agency pushed their way into the house. When my children saw them in our front room, my heart just sank.’

When I read about Chris I was very thankful that in Ashby we have a CAP centre ready not only to help people like Chris but also to give advice on money management and other related skills.

But the truth is that the CAP centre needs our financial and prayerful support. Christmas is a time we all enjoy, but many people pay for everything on credit. The New Year is a time when the bills start to arrive, which is alright unless circumstances change and they can’t be paid. The highest suicide due to debt is in 1st week in February.

The challenge I am facing is can we pray and give regularly for/ to our local centre to enable them to help people like Chris?

For more information on our local centre see or contact Katie Johnson on 07479 514 604

Mandy McIntosh