Deeper - 3rd Sundays at 10:30 a.m. 

Deeper Original 
We often find it harder to go deeper. Life can be full of busyness, much-ness and many-ness, hurry and rush. Year follows on from year, and it seems that we aren't making any progress. 
Starting on Sunday 17 March, and on the third Sundays of each month, we are going to work at going deeper. This won't be easy; it will require work, but I would love you to join me on the journey. 
From the first Sunday of each month we will have available for you Songs and Readings and a Question. Would you join us in reading and praying, in singing and learning; so that when we gather we can go deeper?
Of course it would be wonderful if each of us was preparing for any service, bible study or gathering by praying and reading and readying ourselves. And nothing is stopping any of us doing that. 
The aim of Deeper (our 3rd Sunday, 10:30 a.m. Service), is to give a focal point, a single opportunity in the month to gather our energy and prayers and to aim for a deeper encounter, in the Holy Scripture, in worship and in our shared understanding of the Living God. 
To help with this we have reminders available to let you know when the Bible Reading, Songs and "Question to Consider" will be published. If you would like these (and reminders as to when Deeper itself is on), please go to

with love in Christ
Tim Phillips