All Change at fair2all?

Last month it was an exchange of the sign-holding bicycle, as I write the exterior of fair2all is being repainted, so who knows by Easter there may even be flowers in troughs by the door!

Our exterior may change, but fair2all’s heart will continue to show God’s love for the poor and strive to bring his justice into all we do. Our suppliers are not only paid a fair price (often including part payment when an order is placed) but they are audited to check that they pay their employees a fair wage, there is no child labour and benefits such as sick pay and pensions are paid.

Another change which I have made is that fair2all will be using Ecoleaf range of refills. You can still reuse your existing empty containers (and cut back on your plastic usage) to be refilled with washing up liquid, laundry liquid, fabric softener, hand wash and multi surface cleaner.

According to their publicity ‘the Ecoleaf range is made using gentle and sustainable plant-based ingredients, which is great news for the environment and for delicate skin too. The whole range is made in the UK and best of all they are certified animal-cruelty free and approved by the Vegan Society’.

Although Easter is not until 21st April fair2all will still have a range of packs of Easter Cards, many with Bible verses. If you need single cards please ask.

Another change is that as Traidcraft now supplies mainly food, I will not be able to place the size of orders as frequently as I did in the past. If you want Meaningful Easter Eggs (fairly traded eggs that contain a booklet of the Easter story) please come and buy them as soon as you are able. I plan to be at Spring Harvest from 15th to 19th April and although fair2all will be open 10 - 2.30 Monday 15 - Thursday 18 - Closed Good Friday, the staff will be unable to place any further orders.

Opening Hours: Monday and Tuesday 10 - 2.30 Wednesday - Saturday 10 – 4

Mandy McIntosh fair2all, 17 Bath Street, Ashby, LE65 2FH 01530 417286