Holy Trinity Organ Fund

by Diana Saunders

At our June Parochial Church Council (PCC) meeting I was appointed to take the lead on the the Organ project. The project has been on hold while we repaired the church roof and then made good the interior decoration. Now that the redecoration is in sight, I have the role of representing the PCC by gathering information and coordinating fundraising. While the Organ Fund has remained open for donations, the PCC are now looking to support smaller fundraising events, that I know many of you are keen to contribute to.

Redecoration of the Church is still the priority for fund raising in Church, but we may start to fund raise for the organ fund alongside that work but, for the moment, in a smaller way. Once the Church has been decorated, the Organ Fund will be the next fundraising priority for the PCC.

If you have any doubts, at anytime, please have a word with me.

If you would like to organise an event to raise money for the organ fund and use the Church as your venue then there are certain rules to follow:

  • If you wish to use the Church building for an Organ Fund fundraising event, the PCC have agreed not to charge a letting fee. However it is important that the PCC have agreed to your event. It is my responsibility to take your plan to the PCC... so we need plenty of notice. Because I would need to get your event on the agenda I need to know at least 7 days before the meeting. The next PCC meeting is on Tuesday 11th June. Events will need to be scheduled at least two months after the date of the PCC meeting when they are approved.
  • Any publicity you create for your event must make it clear that this is a Holy Trinity Church event for the Organ Fund and it must include the Holy Trinity Charity number (113 117 8). All publicity must be approved by the Standing Committee, on behalf of the PCC.
  • Once the PCC have approved your event and the person responsible, you will be covered by Church insurance which includes £10 million of Public Liability.
  • If you plan to use Church for your event it is up to you to make a booking. Holy Trinity Booking forms are available from the Parish Office.

It is exciting to note that our first event to raise money for the Organ Fund is on Saturday 8th June when Josie Renshaw is organising an afternoon tea in Church, which has followed the guide lines listed above. We hope it will be a very happy and successful event.

Diana Saunders