Guarding Against What?

2019-07 - Trinity Life Image

Where is your treasure? As our variable summer rolls on, I'd like to invite you to think about your sense of security. Often we face unexpected turns in life. The things we thought were solid, even certain end up disappearing like the morning mist. The things (or people) who were most important to us, either let us down or are taken away from us. What happens then? It is said there are few things in life that are certain. When it comes to our hope, to our security, there is only one certainty.

It is not gold (which can be stolen), it is not money which can be devalued and it’s certainly not family, which can - so painfully -be fall victim to tragedy. The only certain thing in life comes through faith. If we think about it, we spend effort, and time guarding again the wrong things. Like our man in the picture who is protecting himself again the rain (that isn't even falling), while he’s wet from below.

Jesus teaches us that where our treasure is, there our heart will be also. How do we get treasure in heaven - how can we have eternal security - how can we be free from worry and wasting our efforts on the wrong kinds of protection? Simply? By putting our trust in Jesus, not as some abstract idea, but by spending time in (secret) prayer and with holy scripture - by giving money (that no-one else knows about) - by serving others (out of sight and without any prospect of being thanked). These are solid, tangible, evidences of faith. This is the path of life everlasting: trusting in Jesus and doing what he commanded. This Summer, may you know freedom from worry and from wasting energy on protections we do not need.

With love in Christ

Tim Phillips,
Vicar, Holy Trinity Ashby