# The Fair Trade Christmas Challenge If you want to make your Christmas ethical, sustainable and fair trade, fair2all is happy to help. Socks may be the butt of every Christmas gifts joke, but boring is not a word I would use to describe our Bamboo Range socks: Made from a mix of sustainably-grown breathable bamboo, organic cotton and upcycled plastic bottles (re-spun into the polyester to help the socks last longer) . They're soft, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal — so they look after your feet while you look after the earth. And when they are beyond re-use they can be put to decompose in your compost bin. The Rice Husk re-usable travel tea / coffee Cups have a low impact on the environment – made of Rice Husks, replacing single use cups, long lasting and biodegrade at the end of their usable life. One final suggestion is the meaningful Chocolate Company’s Christmas crackers – don’t contain plastic gifts, just delicious fair trade chocolate and even an eco-friendly snap. Intrigued? Why not visit fair2all, select from our range of gifts that are sourced responsibly. No room to describe all our eco-friendly products, but we aim to offer products which are sustainable, avoid plastic and involve minimal energy, pollution and waste in their manufacture. Our Eco-friendly consumables are proving very popular including the solid shampoo; travel soap bars and the body wash whose bottles can be refilled. Talking of consumables as far as chocolate is concerned go for quality rather than quantity – Award winning Divine chocolate is the best. The final bonus is if you make fair2all your first stop for your Christmas gifts you will save a lot of driving miles and waiting in queues, which has got to be good for you and the environment. Open Monday – Friday 10 – 4, Saturday 9.30 – 5 @ 17 Bath Street Ashby Check out www.fair2all.net and see if fair2all has an online shop! *Mandy McIntosh 01530 417286*