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Groups are a key component of our share life as Holy Trinity Ashby. Whether or not you have a connect to one of our (many) groups these are the backbone of our life together, the spine which holds us up and channels our communications.

Our groups get together. This is almost what we mean by being a group: we gather. In this strange time when gathering in the same place is not what we should be doing, there are a variety of ways that are groups are carrying on.

On the Phone

Rev Paul Harris has been leading Life in the Spirit groups for some time now. Paul has been encouraged by how these have continued to be fruitful working by phone!


We've all heard of Zoom in the news, and it is surprisingly accessible even for people who've never used the camera and microphone before.

Our Worship group, Eden and TLC (and others) have had time together online using Zoom. I've also found it to be useful for a range of different types of gathering.

Mind the Gap

From Sunday 5 April our new prayer meeting Mind the Gap we be meeting weekly (9:45am to 10:10am on Sundays) you can join us by phone or online. To join by phone dial (0330) 088 5830 and then typing in the meeting number followed by a #. For Mind the Gap, the meeting number is 654 667 911.

The 0330 dialling code local-call -equivalent number for Zoom in the UK - i.e. you will get charged - by your phone company - what it costs to call a neighbour's landline. You will not be charged anything by Zoom.

Please keep on supporting, encouraging and getting together (while apart) with, people you know.


Tim Phillips, 04/04/2020
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