2020-03 - HTA - Remote WorshipSunday Worship

Thank you to all of those who have given feedback on our first go at Sunday Worship (starting on Mothering Sunday, 22 March). This simple format of a video using just words on the screen and audio has worked well for a lot of people.

I intend to keep with this format for April 2020 as it works for those with older technology and those with slow internet connections. It also means you don't need to do anything new - if you know how to go to a website.

St Matthew's Worthington

Since September 2016 I have been vicar of St Matthew's Worthington as well as Holy Trinity. On the first Sunday of each month, our Reader, Steve Clowes takes the 10:30am service at St Matthews.

I am delight to tell you that Steve Clowes has used this Sunday Worship format for the 1st Sunday of the month service at St Matthew's Worthington (which you can find on their Sunday Worship page on the stmatthewworthington.net website).

Mind the Gap

In the coming weeks we will see how we get on using Zoom for our Mind the Gap prayer meeting.

Virtual Coffee (BYO)

At 9:00am and 11:00am there we be hosting Virtual Coffee using Zoom meeting rooms. These will be named after the different parts of the church building where people normally have tea, coffee, squash and a biscuit before or after the service. 

Please see Trinity News for details


Tim Phillips, 04/04/2020
HTAI - Sunday Worship