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Cover Article

These words often seem like flimflam. Easy to say and hard to do. There is only one fundamental way to be new, and that is to be born again.

Trinity Fellowship

There will be no meeting this month. We look forward to seeing you at the Annual Advent Carol Service on Monday 3rd December at 7.30pm in church.

Group Focus

One of the wonderful ways we have seen God transform lives is through the Alpha Course.
Starting in the Autumn of 2018, ROOTED is all about deeper discipleship.
We have a wonderful hospitality team who provide tea and coffee at our services and occasional special events.

Events Articles

Ashby Street Pastors AGM and Commissioning service on Sunday 28th January 2018 at Ashby Methodist Church from 2-4pm
3:30-4:30 p.m. on Sunday 20 January 2019 at Ashby Methodist Church
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For many years we have been wonderfully served a member of our church family who has managed our church printer. As this machine has aged, our Graham Barge has done a magnificent job of keeping it going.

Iris' Archives

Coligny, The Angels, "O Holy Night", Humour

Guest Writers

We would love to include your writing in our magazine, if you are a local author or have something to write of strong local interest.

Ashby Youth for Christ

On the weekend of 22-25th November we took 3 boys and 2 girls aged between 11-14 away with us to the Pioneer Centre for Youth For Christ’s Fort Rocky weekend

Mandy Writes

As I look forward to 2019 I am hoping to build on some of the plans that have been laid in 2018.
Up until two years ago, every single day was a new battle for Patience and her family in Alwego, Tanzania. But today, things couldn’t be more different. Here is her amazing story.


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Joys and Sorrows

Information about baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Useful Numbers

The Trinity Life Magazine has long provided useful numbers for our community. Moving this idea on-line we are developing Ashby Plus, a directory of contact information that would be of use to our community.

The Print format

From 2019 Trinity Life will have an A4-double-sided print edition that will introduce the online edition and include the cover article. The print edition will have links, in the form of QR codes and short web-addresses, to enable easy access of any particular section of the online edition. You can down load recent editions of the print edition here.


Trinity Life (Old Format)

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Tim Phillips, 10/11/2018