Regular Groups 

We have lots of groups that meet regularly. Groups are set up at Trinity under one or more of the three loves in the Bible. These are the love of God, the love of others and Christians' loving one another.

To help navigate the different groups they have been alocated to the following headings

Groups that help you discover more about the Christian way or just spend time with church members.
Discipleship groups are for those who have committed to follow Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
We have various groups that meet during the week and during our Sunday Services for Children and Youth.
Groups that serve others.
Through prayer, friendship and financial giving we support those who serve God's purposes elsewhere. that serve others.
The most visible gathering of the church is our Sunday Worship. All are welcome, whether you believe, are curious, or some other reason. Do join us.
Groups that govern what we do.

Tim Phillips, 08/10/2015