Trinity Link People (TLPs) 

At Holy Trinity we have a group of TLP's who work to support the many many groups who are linked with our Church. They are there to support there group in any way they can.......offering a trusted confidential ear if needed or a word of encouragement or advice. 
A TLP will help a group sort out minor problems if that is helpful and be there to help the group celebrate all that is going on. If a group needed financial help for example their TLP would take their issue to the PCC. By regular contact by way of a phone call or a quick word in Church, TLP's aim to build up a relationship with their groups and will encourage their groups to write the occasional short report in the church magazine and to write a brief yearly report for the Church Annual Report. 
TLP's will never want to intrude on a group... but simply wish to be there to support their group as and when they are needed.
Please find here a list of church Groups and their Trinity Link Person
Group coordinators are invited to contact their TLP at any time when they feel they could be helpful.
As Church Warden it is my role to co ordinate the work of the Trinity Link People. I am always very grateful for your comments on how you feel this system is working in church. We work to love and support each other in His name. 

Diana Saunders

Our TLP's are

Bob Onions, Carole Timms, Glenis Garner, Iris Holt, Jean J. Harrison, Steve Clowes and Tim Phillips


Group Name Group Contact(s) TLP
Aids Support Ashby Tim Phillips Tim Phillips
Alpha Tim Phillips Tim Phillips
AMG (Ashby Men’s Group) Tony Bull Bob Onions
Ashby CofE Primary School Governors Stella Brook Tim Phillips
Ashby foodbank Board Tim Phillips Tim Phillips
Ashby foodbank Volunteers Noreen Mewies Lyn Thomas
BOF (Boys on Fire ) Tim Phillips Tim Phillips
CAP Board Lyn Thomas Tim Phillips
CAP Debt Help Mick Redfern Tim Phillips
CAP Job Club Steve Clowes Steve Clowes
CAP Money Course Geoff Bull Bob Onions
Coffee on Thursdays (COT) Jackie Ellett and Kathy Hart Tim Phillips
Courier Communion Dorothy Clapham Lyn Thomas
Deanery Synod Iris Holt Iris Holt
Flowers in Church Carole Timms Carole Timms
Girls with Swords Adele Adshead Tim Phillips
Go Deeper Bible Study Jean Holt and Marion Richman Jean Harrison
God Rocks Cafe (3 teams) Stella Brook with Elizabeth Geevarghese & Sue Mason Tim Phillips
GRC for KS3 Paul Harris and Phill Taber Tim Phillips
HTC (Holy Trinity Clergy) Tim Phillips Tim Phillips
HTF Pastorate Stephen and Stella Brook Glenis Garner
Jam Club (Crèche) Gemma Barber & Rachel Bull Jean Harrison
Let's Create Lisa Noon Tim Phillips
Loudoun House Group Janet Onions Bob Onions
Lyndhurst Lodge Glenis Garner Glenis Garner
Men's Bible Study Tim Phillips Steve Clowes
Mini Communion Chris Sturgess Bob Onions
MOP (Mums of Purpose) Sandy Marcus-Smith Glenis Garner
Mothers’ Union Noreen Mewies Carole Timms
Parochial Church Council Tim Phillips Jean J. Harrison
Preachers & Leaders of Services Tim Phillips Tim Phillips
Refreshments after church Wilma Mulgrew Jean Harrison
Soul Cafe Sandy Marcus-Smith Tim Phillips
Soul Man Paul Marcus-Smith & Carl Benfield Tim Phillips
Sound Team Tony Bull Tim Phillips
Street Pastors Vanessa Bayliss Iris Holt
Tiny Tots Janet Onions Glenis Garner
TLC (Tuesday Ladies Church) Lee Pinnegar & Elizabeth Rudin Tim Phillips
Trinity Fellowship Margaret Weston Iris Holt
Trinity Walkers Rosemary Whyatt Bob Onions
Worship Group Ian Harris Steve Clowes
Y@T: Youth at Trinity Paul and Sandy Marcus-Smith Tim Phillips
Diana Saunders, 04/01/2016