PCC Policies 

The polices we use to guide our work as a church (in alphabetical order).


Burial-of-Ashes-Conditions-Approved-March2016 (9.6KB) 02/04/2016
Burial-of-Ashes-Conditions-Approved-March2016 (44.9KB) 02/04/2016
Candle lit services (439.5KB) 07/09/2015
Church Building Terms and Conditions of Hire.pages (61.3KB) 07/09/2015
Church-hall-users-guide (75.4KB) 05/11/2015
ChurchInsight emails policy (21.1KB) 24/01/2016
Community Directory Policy (18.3KB) 24/01/2016
Creche JAM Club Policy 2015 (77.5KB) 31/10/2015
Equal Opportunities Policy (849.2KB) 07/09/2015
Flowers At Trinity Guidance notes (100.0KB) 05/11/2015
GRC Policy 2015 (12.5KB) 17/11/2015
Musical Worship statement 1.1 (605.9KB) 23/12/2015
PCC Email for PCC Businesspages (18.2KB) 24/01/2016
Trinity Safeguarding Children Policy 2017 review (427.2KB) 29/01/2017
Trinity Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy 2017 review (290.2KB) 29/01/2017

Tim Phillips, 24/05/2016