Ashby Clothesbank for Children (ACFC) 

Starting in May 2017 the local Clothes bank that has been running since March 2016 has become part of Holy Trinity Ashby.

Lead by Denise Taber (Clothesbank Coordinator), the clothes bank gave out clothes to 40 children in its first year.

The clothes are packaged up to meet a particular childs need and then passed to professionals or volunteers working with organisations who care for people in need.

If you would like to contact the Clothes bank please email Denise on

Currently the clothesbank is well provided with clothes. If you would like to give money to help this work please contact

If you work for an oragnisation that has contact with clients who's children might need clothes and you would like to access the Ashby Clothesbank for Children, please complete the Registration form at

Denise Taber, 04/07/2017