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Tim's Trinity Life Pieces (TLP's)

Welcome to the October Edition of Trinity Life. This month I want introduce a range of new things...
Tim Phillips
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CAP Blog

It is with real sadness, I have announced recently that Sarah Phillips is standing down as our Debt Coach at MNF Debt Centre.
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Hello, my name is Katie Johnson, my family and I moved to Ashby in August 2016, after attending HTA from a distance (Narborough 20 miles away to be exact) for around 9 months.
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Iris' Archives

Mrs Iris Holt, Church Warden Emerita at Holy Trinity Ashby, has long gathered material that supports and sustains her Christian faith. Starting in 2017, Iris is going to share snippets from her archives, both online (as a blog) and in Trinity Life, our monthly magazine.
William Tyndale, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Carols on the Street
Tim Phillips
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From the 1st Century A.D. Through to the present 21st Century, many people have influenced the way of Christian living and the pattern of our worship...
Iris Holt
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Tim Phillips, 23/09/2017