Trinity Life made anew

For many years we have been wonderfully served a member of our church family who has managed our church printer. As this machine has aged, our Graham Barge has done a magnificent job of keeping it going.

Through developing ongoing relationships with our service engineers and carefully understanding our copier’s quirks and capabilities, Graham has served our church family and our family of churches in many, mostly, hidden ways.

Printing, not only our magazine, Trinity Life, but also our Flagstaff Flyer, annual reports (which Graham has also put many hours into compiling) and the magazines of other churches in our family means that we all owe Graham a great debt of thanks.

As 2018 has rolled on, it has become clear that this is the last year that our printer can be maintained at is current level of use.

Discussing our options with our Parochial Church Council, we have agreed that it is time for a change.

At the end of 2018, when Graham would also like to stand down form his extensive duties, so we are looking to simplify what we print.

The world is changing and many of us now access information online. So instead of spending thousands on a new printer we are looking to move our church magazine will to a single double sided sheet of A4 printed, in black and white.

We will still have a cover article (normally from myself), and we will have a range of ways to make the other information available to our readers.

In particular we are going to provide QR codes to link to pages in our website. Pages that will always contain our most up to date information.

You will almost certainly have seen these little pattered squares (called QR or Quick Response codes) on everything from your store club-card, to products you buy, to posters and adverts in the street.

A QR code allows you to point your phone-camera at the square pattern of dots and then get an option to open a particular webpage. It is simple as that, for all most all new phones and any old iPad or iPhone that has been updated.

To help with the transition to our new slimmed down Trinity Life we are going to publish this format alongside our November and December magazine so that you can try it out.

One of the problems with a monthly printed version of our calendar, rotas and groups information is that they are often out of date as soon as they are printed.

By using these easy to access webpages you will be able to access the latest version at any time.

Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips, 10/11/2018