Iconographs - Indicative Icons 

During 2020, Holy Trinity has started using a few symbols to keep our vision and values in focus.

This come in three groupings. The first takes the form of a golden Trinity symbol, the second a rectangle of blue icons, and the third a set of seven circles, each with a letter A-G.

Each of these can either be 'on' or 'off', indicating whether that aspect is being emphasised or not.

HTAI - The Celtic Trinity SymbThe four Co's and three Q's

In particular we have made use of a simplified Celtic Trinity symbol. For a long time we have used the central four segments, with each point representing one of the three love co-mmands (three Co's) and the centre relating to the way that the Great Co-mmission (the fourth Co) holds these three loves in balance. More recently we have incorporated the three key questions of the Diocese of Leciester, completing the circular shape of the Trinity symbol.

You can read more about these in The Co's and the Q's

In addition to these we are now using twelve icons and seven areas.

HTAI - The Icons and AreasThe Icons and the Areas

The icons give an indication of the intended audience. You can read more about the icons in The Icons and the Areas article.


Tim Phillips, 01/08/2019