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This page is for people we’ve invited as Beta Testers, as we get ready to invite members of our local church family to join us.

The 2 minute screencast video below shows shows you how to "Request to Join" Lighthouse.

Sorry, your browser is unable to play this type of file. You can still download it

You will be asked to:

  • Accept Cookies (required to make Lighthouse work)
  • Give your full name (first name and surname)
  • Upload a photo (helpful, but optional). Please use your own name and photo.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of the platform (Lighthouse is powered by Mighty Networks)
  • Answer the question 'Why do you want to join Lighthouse?' ('I've been invited' is fine!)

Once you hit 'submit’, your request to join will be received by Tim and Sarah Phillips, who host Lighthouse. After they've accepted your request, you will receive an email containing a link, that will take you straight inside.

Your email from '' might go to spam. Please add this email address to your electronic address book, to ensure you receive emails from Lighthouse in your inbox.

Once you've connected to Lighthouse, your browser (or the app) will remember you. If you want to use Lighthouse on multiple devices (but it's not clear to you, how to do this) please email Tim Phillips at