Summer Lovin'

2019-06 - Trinity Life - Cover
The Summer is here, the weather is warm (for now). What are we going to do with the freedom that comes with Summer-time?

As the Spring has brought in the abundant green of God's creation, I have been thinking about the glories of his planet earth.

One idea that keeps coming to mind is the shear glory of the technology that is a tree.

Can you imagine us producing (with our current ability to 'make' things) a small package with the power of a seed?

What I mean is, a small self-contained unit that can be just dropped to the ground. Then, using only solar power, natural rainfall and the dirt under it, it will produces a great structure made out of the the dead stuff that is our soil.

This is amazing. Fruit to eat and wood to make things. A tree is an awesome piece of (carbon capture) technology. Technology we are nowhere near to achieving with all our advances in learning, design and manufacturing.

I would like to suggest that you (Christian or not) take time this summer to delight in God's creation. Go for a walk, climb a mountain, cross a river, and just enjoy the company of the one who made it.

This is our freedom - to enjoy the fruits of God's creation. His invitation to each of us is to come away with him. Amen

With love in Christ

Tim Phillips, Vicar
Holy Trinity Ashby