A request for additional volunteers to come forward to join the rota as Sides People and Readers at all Sunday Services has been included in the pew-sheets, a meeting with these people will be held at 10.00am on Sunday 21st July in church between services. A meeting of all Sides people will be held on Sunday 20th October between services to review and update on the role description and procedures.

Church Building and Grounds

Digging Disciples Group has been set up and already making a difference to our church grounds. An agreement has been set up showing the volunteers the guidelines they are working to.

The Gas meter move will now take place on the 12th August this date has been chosen as the play group are on summer break.

The repainting schedule of works has been sent to a decorating contractor he will make a site visit as soon as he can and will forward the price

M.E. Stain Glass from Hathern are attending to the stain glass window in the chancel. Still awaiting his report

Vernon Baylis is in the process of cleaning the church roof gutters to stop the water ingress

The renewing of the kitchen area is still on going, I have met with the designer and have the plan and guide price of £1,400 for units.

I am still awaiting QQ report, several emails have been sent asking when it will be published. still chasing this up

Better access to the lawns to the front of church will take place by myself by laying slabs to walk on

Church Hall

A lock on Philips cleaning room door will be put on because of the storage of cleaning products.

A new folder containing the data sheets to the cleaning products will be placed in his room as well

A meeting with the play group committee will be arranged to inform them of the PCC decision to offer them a three year rolling tenure.

Pete Sherwin and Noreen Mewies, 26/06/2019