Breaking News 

2019-09 - Fair2all As I write in early August the fact that Ashby is amongst the finalists for #MYHIGHSTREET, is breaking news. You may have seen the reports about Ashby on ITV or BBC News or even heard about it on Radio Leicester. By the time you read this the judging on Friday 6th September may have taken place! However, you can vote for Market Street, a Rising Star Finalists until 7th October - see 

When you see Ashby’s Fabulous taking place - live models in many of the shop windows, on Saturday 5th October don’t forget to Vote.

What makes Ashby so special to you? Statutes, as it celebrates 800 years this autumn, has to be one of Ashby’s longest standing unique events. I am sure we all have our favourite highlights and memories, be ready to share them should you be approached by one of the Judges.

 For fair2all it is our windows that have made us unique, so I would like to thank Erin for her hard work and patience over the years as she moves on to a new job as a Graphic Designer this month. 

The new selection of Bamboo Socks inspired me for the current window but how I will get on in the weeks to come I do not know!

Probably one of fair2all’s unique products, apart from the ever growing range of Ethically and Fairly Traded items is our ability to supply you with refills of Washing Up and Laundry Liquid and other cleaning Products.

Come and see us soon. We are open Monday and Tuesday 10 - 2.30 Wednesday – Saturday 10 - 4

Mandy McIntosh