Priorities and Costs

Priorities and costs for our Appeal 2019.

Gift Day - Pie Chart - DamagedDamaged Plaster

Where incoming water has damaged the plaster at height, this will need repairing.

Gift Day - Pie Chart - RepaintRepainting

The walls need repainting up to the height of the ceiling.

Gift Day - Pie Chart - Lime PlLime Plaster

To manage the (expected) moisture in an old stone building we need lime plaster and mineral paint on the walls - at least up to the level of the windows.

Gift Day - Pie Chart - UnsightUnsightly Cables

To be able to decorate (cost effectively) we need to move all the loose cabling into ducting on the balcony.

Gift Day - Pie Chart - KitchenKitchen area

If we receive enough funds we will be able to renew the kitchen area and so save on wasteful redecoration when we do have funds to renew the kitchen units.

Roof Repairs

In 2017 Holy Trinity Church completed our roof repairs. 

These cost £74,484.50

We are so grateful for all the generosity that made this possible. 
We have now waited long enough for the interior of the church to dry out, and it is time to decorate. 

Can you help us?

Current Funds

Volunteer led events have raised £7,000 towards re-decorating the inside of the church. 

Fund Raising Events

Event Amount
Christmas Tree Festival 2017 £3,070.91
An evening with Lesley Smith £1,438.75
Christmas Tree Festival 2018 £2,536.27
Gift Day 2019  £5,550.13
Total £12,596.06

Redecoration Estimate


Total raised so far