October in fair2all

67568424 1087714838087209 8500Live models arrive in Ashby’s shop windows on Saturday 5th October with Ashby’s FABulous. The theme this year is Carnival / Fairground so fair2all’s window will (hopefully) be taken over by a variety of Animals. 

I am inviting volunteers to pop on their Animal Onesie or any animal costume and to do an hour in our window. Please come and have a chat with me if you would like to join in the fun. 

The rest of the month may seem very empty at the moment, but I plan to have opened fair2all’s online shop by the beginning of October, so we could be busy learning how to run that!

As I write the blurb for the products I am offering for sale in fair2all’s online shop I am encouraged the variety of items which have been recycled to create many lovely products. The Elephant dung paper still causes an interesting reaction! But from the same supplier we have pencils made of paper, rather than wood. We also have reject crayons that have been used to decorate boxes and made into jewellery, but it is the items made from recycled plastic bottles that create the most interest.

In July I visited one of my wholesalers, Namaste in Skipton. I was amazed they had some Kilim Rugs made entirely of recycled plastic bottles. Like the socks we already stock, the plastic is shredded into small flakes, melted, extruded and then spun into polyester yarn and thread. 

As I continue to look for products that fulfil the ‘sustainable’ element of our title I have decided to order a couple of the rugs to add to fair2all’s range of sustainable products. So next time you want a versatile rug to use both indoors or out why not consider one of the PET yarn rugs.

Following customer requests fair2all has a selection of unwrapped soaps and we have just added a couple of shampoo bars and a conditioner bar so you can wash your hair without using plastic containers. 

I hope we can welcome you to fair2all soon and show you some of our many unusual products.

Open Monday and Tuesday 10 – 2.30, Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 4.00 fair2all, 17 Bath Street, Ashby 01530 417286

Mandy McIntosh