What3Words provides a simple way to reference any 3 x 3 meter square of land on earth. 

Holy Trinity is using this to help report faults. Using just three words you can communicate the location of a fault you have found.

The link to what3words.com/vouch.talkative.gestures shows you square covering the right hand side of the entrance into the main Holy Trinity Church Building. As illustrated below.
2020-02 - HTA - What3Words ill
If you go to the top right corner of the webpage, and click on the orange circle with a cross, you will 'unlock' that location and can then select another square by moving the map around.
2020-02 - HTA - What3Words Ill

By clicking on the what3words reference on the right hand side, you can copy those three words and then paste them into our fault reporting form at trinityashby.net/faults

Tim Phillips, 15/02/2020