2020-03 - HTA - Phone Support Volunteering

During the Covid-19 crisis we have been taking a range of steps to enable volunteering.

Register your interest

The first has been to keep a list of people who would like to volunteer.

If you would like to add yourself to that list, please go to trinityashby.net/cv

Share your ideas

In addition we have been collecting ideas (https://trinityashby.net/idea) as to how we could help each other during this time. Two of these have taken shape. The first has been an opportunity for church members to support people on the phone.

Phone Support Team

The Phone Support Team is headed by Jean J. Harrison (our PCC Secretary) with Michael Phillips (my father) as her deputy.

We have registered over sixteen volunteers for this team, all of whom have completed the appropriate safe-guarding training and have a ministers reference. The Phone Support Team is, initially, taking referrals from Castle Medical Group, but we hope, once we have established how we are doing things, we will be able to open this up more widely.

If you would like to volunteer for the Phone Support Team, please go to trinityashby.net/phone-support-team.

The Phone Support Team is offering a twenty minute phone call, at the same time each week, while people are in isolation. This is intended to support people who have little other support. In addition to time on the phone, the Phone Support Team have access to a growing "Directory of Services" that are available during the Covid-19 crisis.

Directory of Services

If you know of services that should be included in this directory, please email directory@trinityashby.net with as much detail as you have.

You can find the directory under the Covid-19 menu on trinityashby.net or by going directly to trinityashby.net/directory

Trinity Delivery Team

As well as looking to support people on the phone we have be building the Trinity Delivery Team to help people without other support to get the things that they need.

This team is also working on a referral basis. Ashby foodbank works with people in crisis who do not have the means to provide the food that they need. If, in addition the foodbank client is self-isolating and does not have anyone who can collect food for them, then Ashby foodbank can call on the Trinity Delivery Team (TDT).

Volunteers with the TDT will collect a pre-prepared emergency supply of food and deliver it to the door step of the person in need. They won't ring the bell, or use the door knocker. The TDT member will not be given access to the name or phone number of the client.

This separation of personal information has meant that we can rapidly open up the Trinity Delivery Team to a wider group of people who want to volunteer.

Our TDT Coordinator is Jo Swain, who is outstandingly qualified for this role. Jo has recruited an initial team of nine volunteers and receive applications from more than twice that number so that the slots can be filled if people are unable to serve (for whatever reason).

In addition to providing deliveries for Ashby foodbank where there is no-one who can collect the food for the client, we are also looking into other essential deliveries.

Prescription Delivery Service

The first of these is a Prescription Delivery Service offering to collect and deliver prescriptions in LE65. You can read about the Prescription Delivery Service at trinityashby.net/prescription-delivery-service

Tim Phillips, 04/04/2020
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