Sunday Worship LIVE

For Zoom service links please email zoom@trinityashby.net 

Also known as Frequently Asked Questions (or questions we think you might ask, if you had the chance!).

If you would like to make any comments, please send them by email to SundayLIVEcomments@trinityashby.net


What are the key points about Sunday Worship LIVE?

It is live!

You can join us live, while the service is happening.

No Recording

The live service (and you!) will not be recorded and will not be shared with others. You will need to be there live, to be part of it.

The talk is recorded

The talk will be recorded, but separately from the rest of the service.

Shared leading

Over time, we are looking to have lots of people contributing to our services, and will be including others as we normally do, when we meet in our building.

Meeting together

We're keen to meet together live online and Zoom provides us with a surprisingly good way to do this. We've already found it really useful for other meetings.


Our priority is relationship with God and one another. This allows us to interact face to face, even if we're not in the same physical space.


We are learning as we go here. Please do pray for us! You're welcome to contribute any thoughts, ideas and questions by emailing us at SundayLIVEcomments@trinityashby.net

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Can children come along?

Children are most welcome! Out of care for our young people (and because safeguarding remains really important to us, in this season) all under fourteens need to be using the same screen as an adult.

Children on screen will be visible to other adults in our online meeting - and remain your responsibility.

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Where is the toilet?

You know better than us where the toilet is at your place!... Of course, you can nip to the loo during the service, but PLEASE leave your phone behind (to avoid taking the rest of us into the toilet with you!)

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Oh, but what shall I wear?!

In the midst of all this, many of us (ourselves included!) have been enjoying the freedom of dressing a bit differently to how we might normally do, if we were leaving the house!

However, to help us avoid distractions and spare any blushes (ours as well as yours!) we’d be grateful if you’d come along, in the same sort of daytime clothes you’d normally wear, if you were joining us in person. So, that probably means no bikinis (brrr!), naked torsos, revealing activewear, PJs, or dinosaur costumes (this last one applies unless of course, you’re a) under 10 or b) a dinosaur…)

Also, even if you’re wearing something fairly modest, please be aware of the risks of bending down in front of your camera. We’re really looking forward to seeing you, just not more of you than we’re expecting - or you’d intended! :)

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Why are you using Zoom?

Zoom allows you to join a meeting / event with a free app and without needing to make a user account.

Zoom allows us to see each other and to highlight a speaker or service leader.

Zoom has a well-founded privacy policy, and does not sell your personal data.

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Who can use Zoom?

Anyone with:

  • a device with a camera
  • an internet connection

All you need to do is download the App. You do not need a Zoom account (although you can make a free one, if you want).

You do not need to give permission for cookies, or the use of your data.

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What do I need to join a Zoom event (meeting)?

You need to be connected to the internet and have a link.

Zoom offers live meetings which you can join, whilst the meeting is in progress, if and when you decide to. You need a link to join the meeting and this will come to you by email, or some other way.

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Is it safe to use Zoom?

Here is how we are safeguarding our use of Zoom:

  1. The link (the way to join a zoom event) will be sent out by email and not on the website. You can forward the email to invite anyone you like to join us.
  2. We will ask everyone to "turn on video". This means we can see each others faces, in the same way that you wouldn't come into the church building (or a bank for that matter) wearing a crash helment, we will ask everyone who comes to 'show their faces'. Please come dressed for church - of course this can be informal, but would include normal day-time clothes.
  3. We are going to turn off the feature that lets people show pictures to others - accept for our service leading team who will be able to show song words and liturgy.
  4. We will be using the waiting room feature. This means we can welcome people as they join us and (if need be) ask them to turn on their video camera.
  5. We will take you to your prefered place in the church. We are going to set up areas named after the different parts of our church building and a youth area for those in KS4, so that you can see the other people who 'sit' there.

We hope and pray that these steps (and any other helpful ones we may learn of on the way) will enable us to gather together (while in our homes) and Worship on Sundays - all at the same time.

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The CofE has asked us not to put Zoom meeting links on our website, and especially not on social media. This is to stop the nasty practice of Zoom bombing, where someone 'gatecrashes' a meeting and displays inappropriate and distressing content.

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Please DO... share the link to this week's Sunday Worship Live by email, or private message, with people you know.

Please DON'T... post the link on any social media platform (see above).

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By signing up to Trinity News. This email is sent out at 7:00am on Saturdays and will have the link to Sunday Worship Live.

If you want to join us and don't have that email, please email SundayLIVE@trinityashby.net and ask for the link for that week's service.

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What happens if I get disconnected during the live service?

Internet connections can sometimes drop out. If you lose your connection, just click on the link again and we well welcome you back into the service, from the virtual waiting room.

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Can I watch the service again?

We are going to be recording the sermon, which will be available all week on the Trinity website (and then archived, for church member access).

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Can I sing along to the songs?

Most certainly - if you would like to! All the mics should be muted, so you can confidently sing along with our musicians, without anyone else in the Zoom meeting being able to hear you.

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Why do I have my mic muted?

With smaller gatherings, it works well for everyone to have their mics unmuted and to be able to speak at any time. With a larger gathering, the sound can become quite distorted, as different noises (cat, dog, children etc.) break into the audio for everyone else.

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Who can see me?

You can be seen by the other people attending the Sunday Worship Live meeting. You are not being recorded, and this service won't be streamed live outside of Zoom.

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What's included?

Sunday Worship LIVE will include:

  • Welcome
  • Songs
  • Bible Reading
  • Prayers
  • Talk
  • Blessing

We are keeping the service simple and short, that is 40 minutes.

There will be the option to stay for a Virtual Coffee together, at the end of the service, please BYO! (Bring Your Own).

Although we can't currently meet in our building, we are looking to revive our regular Sunday habit of gathering together to worship live, alongside our mid-week groups.

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Can I sign up to read the Bible, or lead the intercessions?

Please email Emma Harris using office@trinityashby.net if you're interested in being added to the Bible Reading or Intercessions rotes.

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Is Zoom selling our data?


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Can I use Zoom for my small group?

Yes. a free Zoom account allows you to have a meeting up to 40 minutes long. You can have up to 100 people in the meeting.

By the way, because many people are finding being in a 40-minute online meeting is more tiring than a 40-minute meeting in person (who knew?!) we're finding 30 minutes is quite long enough for many people and certainly for those who are new to video conferencing!

Go to Zoom.us and everything is explained.

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Can we keep Zooming after the end of the lockdown?

We currently offer Zoom for our live services, for the benefit of those who remain physically isolated and safe at home. This includes a camera of those leading at the front in our building as well as people contributing to the service from their home.

Tim and Sarah Phillips, 30/04/2020