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Sk8ers Christmas dinner 2018 

2018-02 AYFC 2
For our last Sk8er group of 2018, as a team we made the decision to serve them all Christmas dinner, we wanted to bless them on the run up to Christmas and make it a little bit special.
We bought and prepared some lovely food, wrapped their little gifts, laid the tables, got the Christmas music on and committed the time to God in prayer…then it all kicked off!
If you put a blindfold on 6 people, stood them round an elephant and asked them to describe what they could feel, that pretty much sums up our night at Sk8ers. It was all kinds of crazy and beautiful and different, yet the same, all sinners together.
We know that Jesus loves them, we know that Jesus died for their sins and has plans and a purpose for their lives, we’re sure that some of them know that too but are not yet at that place where they’re ready to take that leap of faith and say yes to Jesus, not yet anyway.
Neil O’Boyle, our National Director had taken the time to record a personalised video message for our Sk8ers group, we were delighted and excited about that. Some of them found it difficult to listen to Neil’s message, too close to the truth for comfort maybe?
Before we’d even opened the doors, one of our young people incurred an injury due to being hit by a car. His parents had to be called to collect him and his dinner was plated up and delivered to his home later by Katie, bless her.
Throughout the meal they were pretty disruptive, I wonder if it’s because they don’t know how to react to the love of God and the efforts we make in God’s name.
Before we’d even served pudding, another of our group had banged his head, this meant asking the rest of the group to leave, looking after our injured party and calling his parents. You couldn’t make this stuff up and that’s one of the reasons why I love what I do.
Thankfully we had a good team on hand tonight including our Director, 2 senior and very experienced youth leaders, a trustee and a local Minister! A partridge in a pear tree would’ve rounded it all off nicely. I may jest, but in all seriousness we know that we are being about our Fathers business and it is an absolute honour and a privilege to serve God as part of the Ashby Youth for Christ team.
May God Bless and Keep our Sk8ers safe.

Open Team Time

 –. The next Open Team Time will be held on  Tuesday 5th February at 10-11am at the Ashby Methodist church. Please come along for a time of prayer and to share in what God is doing through AYFC.
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We have recently reviewed the way that we send information out to our supporters and are changing how we are doing this.
On the weekend of 22-25th November we took 3 boys and 2 girls aged between 11-14 away with us to the Pioneer Centre for Youth For Christ’s Fort Rocky weekend
At Ashby Methodist Church, Burton Rd 10am-2pm
One coach, one child, one hour a week.