The magazine of Holy Trinity Ashby - April 2019 Edition

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Cover Article

We have this wonderful mystery to proclaim: Christ is Risen!

Trinity Fellowship

All are welcome to join us at **7:30 p.m.** on April 30 March in Holy Trinity.

Trinity Updates

Shaped Every Day, Vision Morning for PCC members, Electoral Roll Renewal, Waste Collection and charging for churches
Church Roof and Organ Fund

Group Focus

The CAP Team meet to pray for the work and the people we service.
Connect meets on alternate Thursday's in Church, for worship, Bible Study, prayer, group discussion and light refreshments.
The God Rocks Cafe meets on Sundays for KS 1-3

Events Articles

What did Jesus say in OT Bible Study, what should they have known after spending so much time with him? Would you like to know what he taught them?
Point your phone or tablet camera at the square pattern of dots (QR Code).
For many years we have been wonderfully served a member of our church family who has managed our church printer. As this machine has aged, our Graham Barge has done a magnificent job of keeping it going.

Iris' Archives

The Phoenix, Jesus lives, thy terrors now Can, O Death no more appal us, William Temple, Beethoven's 7th

Guest Writers

Some of you may recall that together with Martin Gage of Christian Aid, I attended and gave a report at your meeting on 29th June 2017.

Ashby Youth for Christ

We are so excited to have launched a TLG Early Intervention Project working with years 5 and 6 in local primary schools.

Mandy Writes

Last month it was an exchange of the sign-holding bicycle, as I write the exterior of fair2all is being repainted, so who knows by Easter there may even be flowers in troughs by the door!
I don’t know if you are receiving any Lenten emails? I receive 40 acts from Stewardship; a suggested action for every day in Lent, and Tearfund’s lent devotionals Enough; 40 days of thoughts and prayers.


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Joys and Sorrows

Information about baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Useful Numbers

The Trinity Life Magazine has long provided useful numbers for our community. Moving this idea on-line we are developing Ashby Plus, a directory of contact information that would be of use to our community.

The Print format

From 2019 Trinity Life will have an A4-double-sided print edition that will introduce the online edition and include the cover article. The print edition will have links, in the form of QR codes and short web-addresses, to enable easy access of any particular section of the online edition. You can down load recent editions of the print edition here.


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Tim Phillips, 10/11/2018