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Capital Projects Update - March 2019

Church Roof

During 2018 we were able to finally repair the longstanding damage to the roof of our church building.

We are so grateful to all those who have prayed, worked, raised funds and given so generously to make this happen.

There is, of course, water damage inside the church that needs to be made good as the final part of these repairs. This is our Parochial Church Council's fundraising priority. As we needed to wait, at least a year for the stonework to dry, we have some time in hand to finish raising these funds.

This also means that we can start looking beyond the repairs to our church roof.

Church Organ Fund

The first step in this process was to hold an open meeting to gather views on the viability of the Church Organ Fund in September 2018. Fundraising for The Organ Fund has, for the most part, been on hold while we focussed on repairing our Church roof.

Forty people attended that meeting, and careful note was taken of all the views expressed.

The PCC has made it a priority to consider the way forward at each of our meetings since then, and we continue to actively explore the options before us.

The church organ fund remains open, and we are grateful to all those who have put on events and made donations to this fund. As well as those who are planning fundraising events and activities.

As we work towards repairing the internal water damage we will continue to look at developing the Church Organ options and will communicate these in more detail, as soon as we are able to, in the coming months.

Tim Phillips, on behalf of the Parochial Church Council.

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