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2019-10 - Gift Day Poster - CuFor 2019 we are having a Gift Day. Gifts given on the day will go to our Building Fund (first for the redecoration of the church). To help with the Gift Day, we have produced a small flyer which is available in Church. Please do have a look at one of these and share it with anyone you think would be interested. The Gift Day flyer is intended to give the information that people, from beyond our immediate church family, might find helpful in deciding to make a gift. You can also read more about the Gift Day in the Gift Day section of our website.

Annual Review of Giving

You will shortly be receiving an email, inviting us all to review our giving. At Holy Trinity, we have long encouraged an Annual Review of Giving for each household. This year, the focal day will be our Gift Day. While gifts for the Gift Day are for the redecoration of the church, the Annual Review of Giving is about all our giving to God. As part of your Annual Review of Giving, please review how much you give, on a regular basis, to our church, Holy Trinity. 

Alpha Update

Thank you for your prayers for our Alpha Course, we've gotten off to a great start with around 12 people on the course at 1 Trinity Close. Please continue to pray for us as we move towards the Holy Spirit Day Away on the 9 November. 

Yours in Christ

Tim Phillips

Vicar of Holy Trinity & Team Vicar in the Flagstaff Family of Churches

Past Articles

Gift Day, Annual Review of Giving and an Alpha Update.
Where is your treasure? As our variable summer rolls on, I'd like to invite you to think about your sense of security. Often we face unexpected turns in life. The things we thought were solid, even certain end up disappearing like the morning mist.
The Summer is here, the weather is warm (for now). What are we going to do with the freedom that comes with Summer-time?
The Annual Report on 2018 for Holy Trinity Ashby can be downloaded at
We have this wonderful mystery to proclaim: Christ is Risen!
We often find it harder to go deeper. Life can be full of busyness, much-ness and many-ness, hurry and rush. Year follows on from year, and it seems that we aren't making any progress.
Dr Paula Gooder is one of the foremost bible teachers of her generation. This Lent we will be using the Lentwise study material that Dr Gooder has prepared for our Team Talk 2019 sessions.
These words often seem like flimflam. Easy to say and hard to do. There is only one fundamental way to be new, and that is to be born again.
This is the way that the apostle Paul signs off more than one of his letters.
As we look back, thankful for those who gave their lives in conflicts past and present, we also look forward. How should we remember as we move into the second century following the end of the first global war? We have we learnt...
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Tim Phillips, 10/11/2018